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Anovite is a whole food company providing the opportunity to age more gracefully and add fruitful years to your life!

Anovite’s mission is to impact individuals, families, and communities by providing and developing science-backed superfood products. These products are synergistically designed to bring restoration of health, by fueling your body with the most powerful nutrients on the planet.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the Formulator.

Anovite’s core values come from our founder & formulator, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, who grew up living on a dairy farm. He carried those foundational values through adulthood, which are integral to the company today.

Learned from life on the farm, he utilized colostrum to start his first business raising day-old calves. He then began to study the components found within colostrum. His research on colostrum’s growth and immune factors inspired Dr. Kleinsmith to develop a line of products engineered for; anti-aging, immune system enhancement, and weight loss.

Dr. Kleinsmith is considered one of the world’s leading experts on colostrum and holds a Ph.D. in nutritional science. He has authored numerous articles for various health magazines, a best-selling book on colostrum, made several TV and national radio show appearances. Dr. Kleinsmith has three children, and lives with his wife, Trish in Lehi, Utah.


Helps regulate the
immune system.


Immune System

Supports circulatory



Best hydrating face
cream to fight dry skin.

Anovite Beauty Creams

Weight Loss

Helps balance body
chemistry during
weight loss.



Developed to enhance
physical performance.


Pet Health

Natural pet products
containing probiotics.


Anovite products

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for 30 years

Anovite Product Family

The anti-aging and wellness market is one of the rising markets in today’s world. Individuals don’t just want to live longer, they want to live better. Many companies are coming into the market with synthetic products. Unlike Anovite’s offerings, these products are engineered or genetically modified. While they may produce results, the long-term effect of using these are unknown making their sustainable demand unproven.

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Made In-House

Made In-House

We are proud to say all Anovite products are made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Lehi, Utah. Our manufacturing processes are essential to maintaining the safety, integrity and efficacy of all Anovite Certified products.

Our production of Anovite follows strict SOP’s to ensure top quality products are delivered to our customers. SOP’s are implemented to protect consumers from nutritional supplements manufactured or stored under unsanitary or unsafe Food Science and Human Nutrition conditions. They also provide guidelines to the nutritional manufacturing industry so that a product will be produced in a safe and wholesome environment.

Awards & recognition

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Internationally Recognized

Anovité: An Award Winning and Trusted Brand

A true test of a product is the test of time. We have withstood decades of scrutiny and have an army of loyal customers. Recognition is a byproduct of this and we have seen our share:

  • Certified as 6-hour colostrum by Dr. Donald Lein, Cornell University
  • Certified as true colostrum and not transitional milk by Dr. Donald Lein, Cornell University
  • Award winning book by Dr. Kleinsmith
  • Two time recipient of the PEOPLE’S Choice Award
  • Recipient of the Readers Choice Award

The demand for natural products in the anti-aging and wellness markets has soared, making these the hottest sector of all. Anovite is there on all fronts. Imagine the possibilities. Over the next three years in the U.S., the anti-aging market is expected to grow to $216 billion dollars, the weight loss market is expected to grow to over $70 billion dollars, and the wellness market is expected to top $165 billion dollars.
The long-term outlook for Anovite – Opportunities in the Billions! Join us now and participate in our success.

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